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St. Mark Early Childcare

2 Programs to Meet Your Needs:​


Small Wonder 

Small Wonders Grow Here!

      Small Wonder is a nationally accredited preschool based on the Missouri State Standards. 


      Our mission is to nurture our community of learners in a Christ-centered environment with joyful wonderment, playful discoveries and successful school-readiness


Mother's Day Out

Flexible Days and Hours

Our Mother's Day Out Program gives families a flexible option for childcare.  There are no minimum or maximum hour requirements.  You only pay for the hours you use the program.  To maintain ratios, you must sign-up in advance for the hours that you need.

Joyful Wonderment

Wonder and curiosity stimulate interest and imagination inspiring the child to learn, explore, and imagine possibilities which leads to a desire for deeper understanding.

discoveries 1.jpg

Playful Discoveries

Our play-based classrooms create opportunities for children to learn to regulate their behavior and lay the foundations for later learning with hands-on, minds-on activities.   Our classrooms promote confident, enthusiastic, and self-motivated learners.

School Readiness

Our classrooms and curriculum will allow our students to grow and learn physically, personally, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually at his/her own rate.  This is a crucial time for a young learner’s mind to be exposed to the thinking patterns he or she will use throughout a lifetime.


We love this school!  I went here as a child and now am excited that my son is attending.  The teachers are wonderful!

Emily -  Preschool Parent

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3736 S Lee's Summit Rd, Independence, MO 64055, USA

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